Last summer I was walking the dog when I came across a boy’s bicycle laying on the ground. Upon closer inspection, I realized that this was my son’s bike. I texted my son and asked him to check the garage and sure enough, his bike was missing. We think his bike was stolen when the garage was accidentally left open. If the door from the garage to the house was also open, they could have come right inside our home.

Today I don’t have to worry about the garage being left open or the doors left unlocked because we have AlarmForce. The AlarmForce app sends us text messages letting us know about open or unlocked doors so we can correct the problem.  AlarmForce offers services that can protect your family and your belongings from almost anything life can throw your way.

The safety and security aspect of our AlarmForce system is an important one, but it’s only half of what they have to offer. The app allows us to adjust the thermostat, answer the doorbell, review video, and even turn off lights in the house.

AlarmForce Twitter Party Alert

On Tuesday, June 27th at 9pm ET, we will be chatting about AlarmForce at the #AFCommunity Twitter party. There will be six Visa Gift Card prizes (2 x $50; 2 x $100; 2 x $150) to be won along with a grand prize of a one year Connect Bundle with AlarmForce!

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