As a seasoned mother of four I know that each child is a unique individual. Siblings, despite having the same lineage and upbringing, all have their own individual personalities and traits. This is true for their skin as well. Every baby is born with his or her own special skin that requires various products to meet all of their needs.

Today’s families are constantly evolving. Life is moving faster and technology is advancing, just like our understanding of what’s best for baby. That’s why JOHNSON’S® is always challenging themselves to stay up to date and create new products that meet baby’s needs and meet mom’s approval too. Their products are mild and gentle on baby’s skin, hypo-allergenic and free of dyes, phthalates and parabens.

My youngest son is my only fair child. He was born with more delicate skin than his siblings and often developed rashes. Many products irritated his skin and he required extra moisturizing. JOHNSON’S® HEAD‐TO‐TOE™ Extra Moisturizing line is just what babies like mine need. Using the JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE™ extra moisturizing baby wash and following it with JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE™ extra moisturizing baby cream can help keep baby’s sensitive skin smooth and soft. 90% of moms who tried it saw an improvement in their baby’s skin after just one week. That’s a product you can trust.


Even babies without sensitive skin can benefit from the products created by JOHNSON’S®. The HEAD-TO-TOE™ wash and NEW lotion will care for your baby’s skin right from the day he or she comes home from the hospital. Your baby’s sweet smell and soft skin will make it hard for you to put him/her down!

Moms with more than one child can appreciate how hard it can be to get the new baby into a proper bath. Sometimes it just isn’t possible. JOHNSON’S® NEW HEAD-TO-TOE™ washcloths allow parents to keep the baby clean in the moment, even if a bath isn’t in the cards. These are products made to care for baby and provide some practical peace of mind for mom and dad.

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