Seeing the world through the eyes of a child is almost like stepping into a time machine and traveling back into your own childhood. Lego is one of those toys that many adults seem to enjoy as much as their kids. There’s something about those little blocks and the limitless creativity that they provide that just brings us all a little joy. My family is no exception to this so it’s no surprise that Legoland is a place that we have all enjoyed. My second son and I have had the pleasure of visiting Legoland California, and as an entire family we have visited Legoland Florida on a couple of occasions. The first time we took the family was nearly four years ago.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of visiting any of the Legoland attractions, you may not know about Miniland. This is the part of the park where you find entire cities, attractions and even movie sets (think Star Wars!) built entirely of Lego on a miniature scale. Wandering through these tiny impressive builds is awe inspiring. My youngest son was intrigued and needed to know who built all of these amazing creations. His response when he learned that there are people whose jobs involve creating and building Lego designs?

“I found my life!”

That’s not a bad career goal, in my opinion. Perhaps he can ensure we have regular passes to any Legoland in the world! Germany, here we come!


While Griffin pondered his future in lego building, we explored the rest of the park. We went on some awesome rides, and arrived at the park highlight, the Driving School. Kellen has raved about Driving School since he tried it in California and Griffin was anxious for his turn. I was pretty impressed with his driving skills! Take a look at how he narrowly avoided a crash in the video below.

He’s a natural and now his career path may have to expand to include race car driver. Kellen and Avery aced the Driving School for older kids and argued their way through boating school (no, even Legoland isn’t all smiles and giggles). Short tempers and tired kids signals time for a change, so we finished our day off at the waterpark.


Have you visited any of the Legoland parks?



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