Here is a throwback post to the days when cake pops were all the rage and blog photography wasn’t such a big deal. They may not be the prettiest of turkeys, but we had so much fun making these six years ago that I had to share them again.


I have admired the cake pops made by some of my favourite bloggers, and wanted to try some of my own. In honour of the Canadian Thanksgiving, I decided to finally give it a try. I made turkey cake pops, and you can see one here on the left. He’s kind of homely, lol, but it was my first attempt.

Here is how I did it.

First, I baked a cake. From a box. Because that’s how I roll. Once the cake was baked and cooled, Griffin was given the job of breaking it up with a fork into a pile of crumbs. He is great at destruction!

Next I added icing to the cake crumbs. I made a crucial mistake here and added the whole container. Don’t do that. Probably half would have been good. We then formed cake balls, and you can see they were too moist so we needed to flour our hands to be able to do it. Once I had a tray of cake balls, I put them in the freezer while I got everything else ready.

I chopped up some coloured jujubes to use as tail feathers, and cut up some black jujubes to use for the eyes. I also cut up red string licorice to use for the turkey gobbler, but we found that didn’t work well, so I didn’t use it.

I put two cups of chocolate wafers into a microwave safe bowl, heated on high for 1 minutes and then stirred until it was this smooth chocolate sauce.

After letting the cake balls freeze for about half an hour, I took them out and got ready to decorate our cake balls. First I dipped the stick in the chocolate sauce, and then I put the stick in a cake ball and dipped it in chocolate.

After dipping the cake pop, I stuck a small rolo candy on the front to use for the face, and some coloured jujube feathers on top. I had to do it right away because the chocolate hardened very quickly.

Two dabs of white icing with pieces of black jujube in the middle made up the eyes. I added a spot of icing on the end of the rolo and put a piece of orange jujube to use as the beak, and a bit of red icing made the gobbler.

He’s not perfect, but he’s kind of cute, lol. Remember my mistake earlier with the icing? That made these little guys completely inedible. They are mushy and way too sweet, so definitely don’t make that mistake if you are making your own cake pops. So we learned some lessons and I can’t wait to try it again.



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