My children’s bedrooms used to be a cozy place for them to nap and play. We would snuggle in their beds for a bedtime story, or share tales from the day before heading off to sleep. Their rooms were carefully curated for each of their individual personalities and I always enjoyed spending some quality time with them in their own space. Then they became teenagers.

The bedroom of a teenager can be a scary place. It is home to dirty dishes, candy wrappers, piles of clothing and an unholy smell. It is the scent of dirty laundry and hormone rampaged bodies that don’t spend enough time outside. Throwing open the windows can only do so much, and any parent of a teenager knows the wrath that follows when you touch their things to try and resolve the problem yourself. These foul odours turned their rooms into places for brief encounters only. However, that has recently changed with the discovery of Gain Botanique.

NEW Gain Botanique has scents that are inspired by nature, like White Tea and Lavender and Orange Blossom Vanilla. These new scents smell wonderful and also provide clean laundry for the whole family using a formula that is 65% plant-based and free of dyes, chlorine, phosphates and optical brighteners. Clean clothes, no damaging chemicals and fresh scents are just what we need to “Stop and Smell the Happiness”.

This fall, Gain brought the joy of the outdoors, indoors, encouraging all Canadians to “Stop and Smell the Happiness”. Want to see how un-expecting shoppers reacted? Watch the video here:

My children are responsible for their own laundry but sometimes I step in to help keep the laundry room from turning into a mountain of clothes. With NEW Gain Botanique, doing their laundry is less of a chore. The refreshing scents give me a chance to “stop and smell the happiness”, and the fresh clean clothes that I send to their rooms help us all enjoy these spaces a little more.

My kids aren’t interested in a bedtime story or a snuggle anymore (well, maybe the occasional snuggle if I don’t tell anyone about it), but with their freshly clean laundry and bedding I can sit on the bed and enjoy a chat about their day without holding my breath or rushing to get away.

That is just one way that Gain exists to bring happiness to people through scent. How do you “Stop and Smell the Happiness”?



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