In an ideal world, we’d all have kids of an angelic temperament, full of awe and wonder, willing to go to bed when they are told and eager to please those adults who unconditionally love them. However, in the real world, while we love our offspring, the chances are that they have moments of boisterousness, restlessness and craziness that needs reigning in a little bit. Weekends have to be structured otherwise the natural curiosity and eagerness to simply do something can get the better of your little ones. They may not be able to cope with relaxing, staying indoors and having any sort of home day. While this may sound idyllic to you, for an adolescent, this can be boring. Boredom leads to restlessness which can lead to poor behaviour. No one wants this.

Instead, it’s up to you to harness your little darlings curious temperament. To have a child who is eager to learn, question the status quo and strive for new experiences is a joy. As a responsible parent, it’s down to you to facilitate as many life-enhancing opportunities for your cherubs as you possibly can. Take a look at these fun-filled activity ideas that could see your offspring channelling their enthusiasm in a more worthwhile way.

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The joy of a pencil, paintbrush or model making glue cannot be underestimated. Do you remember when you were young, watching TV and you saw a generic kids TV presenter making the most iconic and amazing Thunderbirds island out of little more than papier mache, loo rolls and pipe cleaners? The eagerness that you had to create this magnificent prototype needed to be harnessed. Encourage this enthusiasm in your own children by giving them some arts and crafts activities to have a go at.

You might want to venture outdoors if the weather is sunny and balmy to have a go at some sand art, large-scale model making and body art. Create paint footstep print pictures, do some face painting and think big. Even if the weather is drab, grey and depressing, you can set up some art stations within the home and encourage your darlings to get creative with paint, glitter and felt. Some children are hesitant when it comes to art because they don’t want to ‘get it wrong’. However, by showing your offspring that it’s ok to simply see where your ideas take you rather than having a plan can free up your kids imaginations and get them thinking in a more creative way.

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Adventure Games

Some more boisterous youngsters love role play. If they have any sort of console, the chances are that they are playing the army games, shoot em ups or RPG style games. While their imagination is at its optimum, you don’t want them forever channelling their ideas while sat in front of a monitor and getting a cramp in their thumbs while the sun is shining and they could be outside.

To safely and responsibly foster an opportunity for their love of adventure, consider heading down to a paintballing facility. With a safety briefing, expert instruction and a highly structured day, your darlings could go paintball mad taking part in a range of tactical games. Promoting teamwork and problem solving, your kids might relish the opportunity to work with other like-minded youngsters to achieve a common goal whether that is to steal the opposition’s flag, infiltrate a den or find some treasure.

Many kids love the idea of becoming another person and escaping real life for whatever reason. Paintballing gives them the opportunity to do this. Even if they aren’t the active type, they may fancy achieving the same result by taking a drama lesson or two, trying out for the school play or joining an acting club. Amateur dramatics allows anyone, young or old, the opportunity to become more empathetic and become a whole new character. If your little darling shows promise, they may even wish to make a career out of the acting bug!

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If your little hooligans simply have neverending boundless energy, you need an activity that will tire them out that is fun at the same time. The emergence of trampolining parks has seemed like a Godsend to many parents across the nation. Instead of children being bored, restless and annoying at home, parents are able to take them to a trampoline park to bounce away their energy. Set up as zones with plenty of obstacle course like challenges, these are like bouncing theme parks. Colourful, loud and fun, these are perfect venues for those children who need an energy release to allow them to maintain a more grounded and level-headed temperament.

If you can’t afford to venture across the country every weekend to take a jaunt to a trampoline park, local sports clubs can have the same effect. Why not encourage your offspring to take part in a martial arts class? This way, they can learn a new level of discipline while learning the important skill of self-defence. They can spar away their anxieties, punch a bag or two to release their frustrations and enjoy learning an ancient martial art. Working towards belts, encountering new levels of challenge and having fun at the same time means that they can channel their energies in a more beneficial way through more active experiences.

All kids want to do is have fun. They are free from the responsibilities of adulthood and want to enjoy their time away from school. While they may not shout it from the rooftops because it’s not that cool, they also want to spend quality time with their mom and dad. Find family activities that are fun for everyone involved. Even a walk in the park, a game of soccer and a picnic will afford your children more enjoyment than spending a weekend indoors in front of the TV. Next time you’re stuck for activities, use these ideas to inspire your fun-filled day.



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