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Beyond the Beef: Dining in Calgary

A Calgary press trip invitation instantly brought one thought to my mind… mmmm steak. Yes, I’m a full-on carnivore and there’s nothing quite like Alberta Beef to get my stomach growling. Of course, dining in Calgary wasn’t the only thing on the agenda, but it was certainly at the forefront of my mind. So off to Calgary I went, in search of Alberta beef. I didn’t realize that Calgary was such a foodie city. The number of unique restaurants, rooftop patios and food trucks astounded me, and beef was not the only star of the show. Our first stop was...

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Don’t Be Afraid To Let Your Kids Start Gaming

A lot of parents are, understandably, a little nervous at the idea of letting their kids play a lot of video games. After all, with the focus on constant violence and the, quite frankly, toxic environment that so many online games seem to create, it often seems like the kind of hobby that simply isn’t suitable for your kids to be engaging in. However, that’s really not the case for the vast majority of games. In reality, it can be an incredibly enjoyable hobby that not only keeps your kids entertained but can teach them important things and help...

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Harness Your Kids Curiosity With These Fun Filled Activity Ideas

In an ideal world, we’d all have kids of an angelic temperament, full of awe and wonder, willing to go to bed when they are told and eager to please those adults who unconditionally love them. However, in the real world, while we love our offspring, the chances are that they have moments of boisterousness, restlessness and craziness that needs reigning in a little bit. Weekends have to be structured otherwise the natural curiosity and eagerness to simply do something can get the better of your little ones. They may not be able to cope with relaxing, staying indoors...

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Teen Suicide Attempt: My Son was Suicidal (part 3 of 3)

Read Part Two HERE Teen Suicide Attempt: Day Three Our spirits rose when a familiar face walked through his hospital door. Over five years of IBD treatments, my son and this child life specialist had built a relationship. She heard he was in the hospital from the hospital clown, Ollie, who happened to find us in the critical care unit. The two of them chatted for a bit and then they played a game while I left to grab a coffee. We were waiting to hear when we would change units and she said she would see if she...

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Suicide Attempt: My Son Was Suicidal (Part 2 of 3)

Read Part 1 HERE Suicide Attempt: Day Two It was past midnight when my daughter texted that she couldn’t sleep. When I told her to sleep in my bed with Nana, she said she was afraid to wake her up. A text was sent to my mom and she went and got her granddaughter to comfort her through the night. I wished I could be everywhere. Around 4am my husband and I switched places. I tried to sleep but after an hour I gave up and returned to my son’s bedside. In the morning, his potassium was still low...

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