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Teen Suicide: My Son Was Suicidal and I Missed It (Part 1 of 3)

Teen Suicide Attempt: Day One He scraped the ice off the van window in the morning. It’s not something he usually does, not because he’s unkind but he has ADHD and the needs of others aren’t always at the forefront for him. I noticed the gesture and shared my gratitude, assuming he was responding to my many complaints of being too short to reach the center of the windshield. In hindsight, I believe it was a goodbye. When I picked him up from school he rambled on about his day and mentioned his heart rate had reached 125 at...

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Five Reasons to Take the Family to South Padre Island for a Beach Vacation

Canadian Traveller Magazine recently listed South Padre Island as a top beach destination in the United States, putting it on the radar for families of beach goers everywhere. As someone who connects to the sound of the waves crashing and feel of the sand in my toes, I’m always on the lookout for fantastic new beaches to visit with the kids. Here are five reasons to take your family to South Padre Island for your next beach vacation. Stay Where You Play Whether your family is looking for a rustic beach escape, a hotel by the water or a...

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Family Day on the Fly

Family Day weekend in Ontario has arrived and you may find yourself wondering what to do with the kids. You can fill your weekend with family bonding by taking a road trip to Toronto for the weekend. Book a Room at the Chelsea Hotel Toronto Kids of all ages enjoy a stay at at Chelsea Hotel. Located within walking distance of many Toronto attractions, the Chelsea Hotel has always been a win with my kids. Their family rooms and suites make it easy for larger families like my own to get away in comfort, and they offer many amenities...

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When is the right time to get your child a cell phone?

The debate about when to get your child the first cell phone is not a new one. I had the same decision to make with my oldest son over a decade ago, although his generation was among the first to have the privilege for cell phones before adulthood! My attitude about when it is okay and what I will allow has definitely changed over the years though. When my oldest was a teenager, I decided that he could have a cell phone when he could pay for it himself, and not before he was sixteen. Since he started his...

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Coping With The Death Of A Pet

The loss of a pet can bring as much grief as the loss of some human friends and family members. This makes sense when you consider the role our animal companions play in our everyday lives. You cared for your pet’s every need and, because they could not speak, you learned to communicate in other ways. Such caring builds intimacy similar to that found between a parent and their infant; love without conflict, jealousy, or any of the other complications found in most relationships. So when a pet dies, the depth of your grief reflects your loss of a...

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