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Thanksgiving Throwback: Turkey Cake Pops

Here is a throwback post to the days when cake pops were all the rage and blog photography wasn’t such a big deal. They may not be the prettiest of turkeys, but we had so much fun making these six years ago that I had to share them again. —————————————————————– I have admired the cake pops made by some of my favourite bloggers, and wanted to try some of my own. In honour of the Canadian Thanksgiving, I decided to finally give it a try. I made turkey cake pops, and you can see one here on the left....

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Dress up your dishes with some Apple Cranberry Stuffing

I am the first to admit that I buy boxed stuffing or the frozen Butterball stuffing (that stuff is amazing!) rather than making my own stuffing from scratch, but my husband enjoys being adventurous in the kitchen and once tried his hand at stuffing. While it was a slightly sweeter stuffing than I am accustomed to, it was still very good! Here is his recipe… Ingredients: 1/2 cup chopped onion 1/2 cup chopped celery 2 garlic cloves, minced 1/4 cup hard butter 2/3 cup chopped cranberries 1/2 grated apple 5 cups bread squares 1 tbsp brown sugar 1/4 tsp...

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It’s not Thanksgiving without the candied yams

If there’s anything I can count on in this world, it’s my son asking this question when coming home for a family dinner… “Will there be candied yams?” I get the distinct impression that he doesn’t make the trip home to visit his family, but only for the candied yams. If I dare answer “no” to this question, I doubt he would come with me. Of course, they are a family tradition and a favourite dish of my own as well, so if we are having turkey, we are also having candied yams. This recipe is the most read...

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Cheesy stuffed mushroom caps are a divine Thanksgiving appetizer

Eating keto doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner. In fact, it can mean that we treat ourselves to even more delicious food because it’s full of fat, which means it’s full of flavour! These cheesy stuffed mushroom caps are no exception! Creamy, flavourful and delicious, these little mouthfuls of flavour will have your guests wanting more. Cheesy Stuffed Mushroom Caps Recipe Type: Appetizer Author: Michael McDonald Prep time: 20 mins Cook time: 20 mins Total time: 40 mins Serves: 12 A delicious appetizer for your holiday meal. Ingredients 24 whole fresh mushrooms 1 tablespoon olive oil 1...

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Brighten your Thanksgiving table with this Layered Salad

My all time most requested dish to bring to any family gathering is my layered salad. It’s actually my mother’s recipe, so I can’t take credit for it, but I do anyway! To keep the dish a little more keto friendly, I use Splenda in the dressing topping rather than sugar, but you are able to do it either way. You can also use alternate types of lettuce and cheese, or switch the peas out for avocados. There’s so many ways to enjoy this dish. I hope it makes your Thanksgiving dinner this year!   Layered Salad Recipe Type:...

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