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From Tears to Cheers at Muskoka Woods

I left each of my children with their respective counsellors at Muskoka Woods. The youngest scowled. The oldest shed a couple of tears and my sweet daughter broke down because she didn’t want to be left at summer camp. As a work at home mom and a family that often gets to travel together, my kids haven’t spent a lot of time away from mom and dad. I love that I am their safe space, but I also know how important it is for them to spread their wings a little, and I couldn’t think of a better place...

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Our Journey in Search of the Giant

“What is Tonga Lumina?” Each of my children had asked this question over the past few days, and now my husband was wondering the same thing. I didn’t really have an answer for them, other than what I had read on signs through the Mont Tremblant Pedestrian Village. “It’s a nighttime activity where you search for the giant. There’s some sort of light show.” My lame description did nothing to instill excitement to keep the kids up past their bedtimes and drag them through the mountains at night, but it’s my job so there were no objections. We were...

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Up a Creek Without a Paddle

Conquering my fears I was afraid to kayak. I’m not sure why because I’ve always been a strong swimmer and I love the water, but kayaks intimidated me. Perhaps it was the idea of flipping in the water and not being able to get back in the boat, a concern I may still have today, or I wasn’t sure I could handle the paddling. Either way, I had avoided the opportunity every time it arose, until 2015. I was on a press trip where kayaking was on the agenda and I knew I was going to have to do...

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Memories of Day Tripping to Canada’s Wonderland

My childhood summers didn’t contain week long vacations to far away places. There were no extensive road trips and we didn’t go camping. My parents were middle class working people who had a family to raise and that didn’t include those kinds of trips, but we did enjoy our summers. Day trips were a regular part of our summer holidays and I looked forward to them, especially the annual trip to Canada’s Wonderland. I have several great memories from Canada’s Wonderland. It is where I rode my first roller coaster. I remember watching my baby brother sleep on my...

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Give your baby soft and healthy skin

As a seasoned mother of four I know that each child is a unique individual. Siblings, despite having the same lineage and upbringing, all have their own individual personalities and traits. This is true for their skin as well. Every baby is born with his or her own special skin that requires various products to meet all of their needs. Today’s families are constantly evolving. Life is moving faster and technology is advancing, just like our understanding of what’s best for baby. That’s why JOHNSON’S® is always challenging themselves to stay up to date and create new products that...

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