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Going it Alone When Moving House is a Bad Idea, And Here’s Why

Moving house is a huge event in anyone’s life, and it’s worth remembering that as you approach your next move. That’s why it’s always a bad idea to try and undertake the whole project alone. You need the right kind of help and support to ensure you don’t make the kinds of mistakes that could derail all of your plans. Read on to learn more about why it’s not worth trying to go solo on this next move of yours. A Good Estate Agent Will Do Much of the Hard Work For You There is a lot of legwork...

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5 Ways to Make Sure Your Child Becomes a Good Human

The next generation is always the one that matters most. They’re the ones who carry on moving society forward, solve the issues of the previous generation, and all-around ensure that the world is moving in the right direction. Judging by the current state of the world, the next generation is going to need plenty of good people who know how to do the right thing. Will your child be one of them? Below, we take a look at five rules to ensure your child is on the right path to being the best they can be. Source: Change...

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What makes you “stop and smell the happiness”?

My children’s bedrooms used to be a cozy place for them to nap and play. We would snuggle in their beds for a bedtime story, or share tales from the day before heading off to sleep. Their rooms were carefully curated for each of their individual personalities and I always enjoyed spending some quality time with them in their own space. Then they became teenagers. The bedroom of a teenager can be a scary place. It is home to dirty dishes, candy wrappers, piles of clothing and an unholy smell. It is the scent of dirty laundry and hormone...

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CATSA’s naughty-or-nice list for airport security

If you think Santa’s list is long, you should check out the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority’s (CATSA) What Can I Bring list. It’s basically a naughty-or-nice list for airport security – a searchable database saying what can and cannot pass through airport security in your carry-on or checked luggage. It has hundreds of items, so here’s a seasonal selection of what’s ho-ho-ho and what’s no-no-no. Naughty Replica weapons: This shouldn’t be too surprising, but if you’re helping Santa to bring toy guns, replica knives or anything similar this holiday season, you’ll have to mail it to your destination...

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The Perfect Balance: Planning Your Child’s Summer Vacation

Even as adults, most of us can remember the feeling of freedom that descended upon us on the first day of our summer vacations from school. It felt like the weeks were stretching out in front of us, just waiting to be coloured in with experiences and free time– a feeling that it’s nigh-on impossible to replace in adulthood. Most of us remember our summer vacations with a happy, contented smile. As a parent however, we don’t quite see the summer vacations of our children in the same way. Many parents worry about how they will fill the time, how they will provide childcare cover, and how to ensure their child gets the most out of their time away from school. While we may be awhile off the summer of 2018, the truth is that planning for your child’s summer vacation really can’t start soon enough– especially if you want to give them the best experience possible. The key to a good summer vacation is balance. Mixing and matching activities, allowing for a fully productive summer that still has more than its fair share of fun. Below is an overview of the different activities you might want to plan into your child’s summer vacation, ensuring that their time free from school is as perfectly balanced as possible. Something Fun PixaBay “Fun” is a rather subjective thing; what your child...

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