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Giani Italian Granite Paint for Countertops – Review and Giveaway

I originally wanted to try Giani Granite Paint for Countertops because my sister is doing some renovations and getting her house ready to sell. After I had placed my order, I found out that she had found a great deal on countertops and purchased some, and thus, didn’t need to paint her old ones. Since I live in a relatively new house and chose my counters when it was being built, I didn’t want to paint my own. Not willing to give up so easily, I asked my Mom if she would like to give it a try, and she did.  My Mom’s kitchen is kind of outdated, and I agreed that painting the counter could make a huge difference.  We painted my Mom’s counters using Sicilian Sand. The package came with all of the paint we needed, sponges for applying it, a roller for painting the first and last coats, and a DVD to watch for instructions. After watching the DVD, my Mom made sure he counter was completely cleaned. We then taped around the counter and painted the first coat. This needed to dry for 8 hours. Once the first coat was dry (we waited overnight), We could move on to the sponges. The directions said to work in sections, putting the three colours on each section before moving on.  The great thing about this counter paint...

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Brotherly Love

It’s great how much kids love each other when they’re not in the same room. Together, my kids will fight, bicker, poke, stare at, annoy, boss around, tattle on and torment. Apart, they love and miss each other. Today we went shopping with just Griffin (Eric was out and Kellen and Avery didn’t want to come so they got to visit Grandparents). While out, Griffin said to us in this sweetest little voice….”Ehwen is my bet fwiend” (translation: Kellen is my best friend). So sweet! I just love those...

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It’s been quite a week here.

It’s been a big week in our house, with accomplishments and experiences, both good and bad. On a big positive note…. This little man…. Has kicked the habit… with a little help from the scissors… Griffin has had a pacifier (AKA “sucky”) since he was a few weeks old. As he got a little older, he started having one in his mouth and one in each hand, and he rotated them every few seconds. He is definitely my most “sucky” addicted child! He wouldn’t have that thing out of his sight for a moment, and convincing him to put it in his pocket or aside for any amount of time was just miserable. I had managed to wean him down to one sucky, but it was looking like getting rid of that one would be nearly impossible. This week I had enough of it, and took it from him and cut the end off….just a tiny bit…you can see it in the picture. He took it back and laughed when he saw the end, then put it in his mouth and laughed again….then tried to put it in Daddy’s mouth…and hasn’t had it in his mouth since! He has asked for it and taken it to bed with him, but not in his mouth. YAY Griffin! Next step…potty training. Ack! Avery has also had a big week. She is...

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Breathe Right Strips

My husband snores. Loud. Really loud. I’m convinced that it is actually his plan to keep the bed to himself at all times. I work nights 4 nights a week, so I’m only sleeping at home three nights, and it seems like I spend a lot of those nights awake and annoyed with his snoring, or sleeping on the couch to get away from his snoring. I wake him up and tell him to roll over (it’s the worse when he’s on his back, which he always ends up sleeping on), but that usually doesn’t even stop him. We received the box of Breathe Right strips and I said a told my dear husband that he would be wearing them at night and hopefully it would save our marriage! Night 1 – There was one point during the night that he started snoring this weird loud snore and startled me. I shoved nudged him to his side and he stopped. Night 2 – No snoring all night!!!! Night 3 – I was at work, so I can’t comment. Night 4 – No snoring. Nights 5, 6, 7, 8 – I was at work. Nights 9, 10 – No snoring! Night 11 – He did snore a bit tonight, but not the jarring loud snore that he usually does. A nudge got him to stop. After 11 nights, I think that Breathe...

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