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A Thing of the Past?

Do manners not exist anymore? Or are people so wrapped up in themselves that aren’t aware of anyone around them and how their actions impact others? Last night I took my kids to our local Santa Claus Parade. I put a blanket on the curb and the kids sat down to wait for the parade to start. Everything was fine until the parade was approaching. Then a group of ADULTS came and stood directly in front of my children. My kids took it in stride and leaned around legs to see the parade, but their good spirits ended when the third float came by and tossed candy, which was quickly snatched up by all of the big people standing in front of them! I can’t believe how rude people are. I don’t believe Christmas is just for kids, but I DO believe that candy thrown from floats IS for kids. Kellen got teary and we ushered them to their feet. The kids didn’t want to stand in front of people and I pointed out that they are much shorter than everyone in front of them and it would be fine. A woman in front of us heard this and developed enough common sense to step over and let the kids through. There was another little boy behind everyone, and we ushered him up to the front next to our...

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Yuliana G Lampwork Glass Jewelry – Review

I attend banquets and events every now and then, and I never have the “right” piece of jewelry for the event. I wanted something that was unique and beautiful, and I found exactly that at Yuliana G. I received this gorgeous “Samba” Necklace from Yuliana G. “Samba” is a handmade lampwork glass pendant created by Yuliana G for her 2010 Collection. It is made with Italian Moretti Glass, Swarovski Crystal and Sterling Silver. I was first impressed with the really pretty box that the necklace came in. The picture doesn’t capture how pretty it is. I was then overwhelmed with how beautiful this piece is. I wasn’t sure if I could wear it because it was too beautiful for any outfit I have. I couldn’t let such a beautiful piece go to waste though, and I put it on. I wasn’t on my way to any special event or anything, so I wore it with a v-neck shirt I have, and it matched really well. I still think it is better suited to a pretty outfit and a special occasion, but I got away with wearing it with my t-shirt. In addition to these beautiful necklaces, Yuliana G also makes fantastic bracelets that look good enough to eat! Her attention to detail is amazing and every part of the jewelry is a work of art, right down to the clasps....

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Conserving Now – Review was created by a mother and daughter who are very passionate about the environment. As more people began to think about carrying their own reusable bags, it became clear that people needed a little help to change the habit of using convenient plastic bags to reusable bags. The idea was conceived after watching shopper after shopper when asked at the checkstand, “Paper or Plastic?” exclaim that they had forgotten their bags AGAIN.  The founders also believed that simple actions could have a huge impact on the environment and consequently launched a community called for earth friendly people who care about the planet. Their first campaign is all about eliminating plastic bags from the environment. Their community members are concerned about future generations and what they will have to live with because of our “disposable habits”.  Their community members understand the harmful effects that plastic bags have on our environment and are committed to take action.’s goals are threefold:  1) Change behavior of adults (use reusable bags for all shopping trips). came up with a FREE CAR WINDOW STATIC CLING to remind shoppers to grab their bags when they leave their car. 2) Educate young people and their families about the harmful effects of plastic bags to our oceans and environment. has classroom kits for teachers as well as free resources for parents, families,...

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Take out, please…

My oldest son, Eric, is 18 and one of the most respectful and quiet young men you could ever meet. This wasn’t always the case. When he was little, he was a social butterfly. He would talk to anyone and everyone, and loved a captive audience. When he was about three years old, I took him to a small restaurant for lunch. It was a family restaurant and the dining room wasn’t very big. We were seated at a booth and there were several tables close by. Shortly after we sat down, Eric decided it was time to introduce himself to the other diners. He started with the table closest to us “Hi! I’m Eric. What’s your name?” They responded, along with a few little laughs and he continued this pattern with the other diners, despite my shushes and reddening face. Everyone was very receptive to him, which didn’t help me get him to stop, until he reached a table of two that was about 10 feet away from us. He started with “Hi” and didn’t get a response. He tried again. Louder this time. Still nothing. He jumped out of his seat to approach them and was intercepted by mean mommy who returned him to his seat and told him to leave the nice couple alone. Instead, he yelled “Hey! You! Over there!”, causing several people in the restaurant...

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Monday’s Sparks Meeting

Here it is Wednesday and I haven’t even posted about Monday night’s meeting! November 11th is Remembrance Day here in Canada, so our meeting was based on that. Our Sparks met up at our usual meeting place, and headed out on a pre-planned evening walk. We walked a few blocks (with a leader in front and a leader in back, and the girls paired up – safety first!) to our local cenotaph. We looked at the wreaths and the poppies and talked a bit about what they mean. After that, we walked around the corner to the library, and the girls took turns stepping up onto the steps and talking to us about what they enjoyed/learned on our walk. They were cute and all said something about flowers, lol. By the time we were done and headed back, it was already time for the girls to be picked up, but we did get the girls to say their promise quick before they...

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