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Not what I expected…

If you have older children, you can probably relate to this. Remember when your kids were little and you knew how exceptional they were going to be? Remember seeing other people’s children acting out or behaving inappropriately and you just knew your kids would never do that? Remember when all you had to do was be a good mom and your kids would all turn out perfect? Remember when you were always going to deal with your children in the “best” way and never lose your cool? I remember those days, and I wonder how I could have been so naive. My first child was a dream when he was little (excluding the age of 3 when he was a little demon….seriously, head spinning, green goo demon). He slept through the night right from day one. He was quiet and sweet and helpful…and I, of course, attributed it to my exceptional parenting. He is 18 now and he’s still a great kid, but now I know that has more to do with him than me, although I hope I played some role in it all. I have three more children now, and while they all have the same mother who uses basically the same parenting techniques…they are all very different. Kellen is nearly 8. He has ADHD. That is definitely not something I expected to deal with as a...

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Shirts That Go Review

My 2 year old LOVES tractors, trains, trucks, planes…basically, anything that “goes”. When I discovered Shirts That Go, I knew he would love them. He was so excited when looking at the shirts on the website, but there was no question which shirt he wanted…the red firetruck! If your child is less decisive than mine, you can choose from a variety of shirts including a garbage truck shirt, a train shirt, two different fire truck shirts, an airplane shirt, a bulldozer shirt and a motorcycle shirt. Shirts That Go also puts together special packages for birthday gifts. We chose the red firetruck shirt in a size 4, because we were told to go one size larger than usual and Griffin normally wears a 3. The day the package arrived, Griffin knew exactly what it was and enjoyed looking at the box as much as wearing the shirt. We finally opened the box and he traded the pajama top for the firetruck shirt. He was so excited, and I was pleased that the shirt fit perfectly. Griffin had a great idea, and ran upstairs to complete his ensemble. This is what he looked like when he returned… He wore the shirt for the rest of the day, and in typical two year old fashion, he got it filthy. To do our part for the environment, we wash all of our...

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Greenzys Review

I am trying to raise environmentally responsible children, so I was really excited to discover Greenzys. Greenzys is an eco-friendly brand that creates “green” products for children. Greenzys also teaches community and social responsibility by donating a portion from each purchase to the Environmental Media Association and the Arbor Day Foundation. We received a plush Greenzys penguin named Peat. Peat is made from soy products and non-toxic dyes. He is soft and cuddly and he won my daughter’s heart right away. She has slept with him every night since he arrived at our house! Peat had a tag attached to him that said “Buy Me, Plant a Tree”. We thought that was pretty neat, so we followed the instructions and visited the Greenzys website at and clicked on the “Plant a Tree” link. We arrived at the page below and filled out the required fields. We received our certificate that said we planted a tree, but unfortunately the name field was blank, despite the fact that I filled out my daughter’s name. Thankfully, she wasn’t too concerned about it. Greenzys makes several other plush characters that are seen in the certificate picture above. Each character has a cute little story that you can read when you click on them on the Greenzys website. The Greenzys characters wipe clean, which we got to test when my daughter got some pizza on...

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dB Logic Earphones – Review

Earphones and I have always had a problem. I like the small type of earphone that you just put in your ear, but I have small ears and they never fit…resulting in sore ears and/or the earphones always falling out of my ears. This isn’t very helpful when running on the treadmill and I REALLY need music to keep me going! My son bought himself a brand new iPhone 4, and being the nice kid that he is, he gave me his old iPod Touch (he gave Dad the last iPod he had, so it was my turn). I like the iPod Touch, but the only headphones we had in the house were really big ones that don’t work well when you’re sweating a lot…so I went in search of earphones. I bought a cheap pair that fit my ears, but the sound was crackling and distorted, so I still didn’t use the iPod. When I heard about the dB Logic ear/headphones, I knew we had to have some. I thought they would be great for my little ears, since they are designed for Teens and Adults, and I was intrigued with the idea of Healthy Listening Technology. These earphones and headphones are supposed to give a great sound, while not reaching volume levels that can damage your hearing. They offer low distortion and sound pressure level limits without requiring...

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