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Yum Yum Dish Review

Yum Yum Dishes The Story Behind the Yum Yum Dishes After my second child was born I realized I was snacking too much. I’d drag a bag of chips off the shelf and head for the couch. Before I knew it, half the bag was gone.  The fact is, I didn’t realize how much I was eating. I decided to do something about it. I started using a small dish for snacking. As long as I didn’t re-fill the bowl, I could never over-snack! In a short time, I was back to my original weight. I thought others might like to try out this simple method of portion control. The Yum Yum Dish was born, a 4 oz. dish that’s fun and easy to understand.  I heard the story behind the Yum Yum dishes, and thought “That’s me!” only with a couple more kids. I was never much of a snacker until I got into my thirties and had my last three children. Suddenly I found myself at home with little kids all day and when I got them a snack, I had one too. When they went for a nap, I grabbed a treat that I couldn’t have when they were up (like chips or chocolate that I would have to share if they were in the room….you know you do it too!). I can finish a...

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Telestrations Review

When the Telestrations game arrived at our house, my 7 year old could hardly contain himself. We had watched the Telestrations videos online and he was so excited to try the game out.  Unfortunatley, he had to wait awhile until there were enough people home to try the game out. Watch one of the videos here: Experience the Telestrations Effect at your next party! DRAW what you see, then GUESS what you saw. All players simultaneously sketch, pass & guess to reveal hilarious and unpredictable outcomes! Check out a fun demo at Easy to learn. Simple to play. Multi-generational & social. Even more fun if you can’t draw! The perfect ice breaker or game night warm up. Laugh-out-loud party fun for 4 to 8 players, ages 12+ ——————– The first time we played, it was just four of us: Me, my husband, and my 6 and 7 year old kids (my two year old was drawing in one of the extra books while we played). The game isn’t intended for children so young (they recommend 12 years and up; I think 8 and up would work great), and it did make it kind of challenging because Avery couldn’t read/write all of the words, but we worked it out and had a fun and quick game. We had these results from the first game (starting words – ending words): Real...

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It’s a Hershey’s Halloween here!

I live in a newer neighborhood that is made up of a lot of young families. As a result, each Halloween we get a lot of Trick or Treaters…and by a lot, I mean hundreds. It seems that the kids from other parts of town realized that this was the place to be on spook night, and everyone migrates to this part of town. Knowing that there will be a lot of little ghosts and goblins around makes Halloween a little more exciting, and we like to make jack-o-lanterns with fancy stencils, and of course, have the “good” candy to hand out.This year, Hershey’s sent us some awesome treats that are sure to make the kids happy, assuming there is any left by the 31st, and at this rate, that isn’t very likely! We received Reese’s Lovers 50 Snack Size Pieces (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Reese’s Pieces Candy and Reese’s Fast Break® Candy Bar) and Hershey’s Chocolate Assortment with 100 Snack Size Pieces (Kit Kat Crisp Wafers, York Peppermint Patties, Hershey’s Mr. Goodbar® Candy Bars, Reese’s Pieces® Candy, Hershey’s Chocolate Lollipops, Milk Duds®Candy, Jolly Rancher® Doubles Candy and Whoppers® Malted Milk Balls). Since it is my responsibility as a review blogger, I tried every kind of treat they sent. They were, of course, all delicious. So much so that I had to try them all again, and again, and…..well, you get the picture. Hershey’s makes great chocolate! They also make Halloween great. Check out to see the fun Halloween activities. Halloween Fun Facts Did...

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Wordless Wednesday – Fancy Hats

We were at a Harry Potter festival a few years ago and took advantage of their dress-up photos. Eric begrudgingly put on a hat to get his picture with Avery, who had no issues with being all fancy. Kellen opted out of the picture, and then decided he wanted a picture right when we were about to leave. He didn’t want a costume though. I think his picture with Daddy turned out...

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Cleavitz Review

Guys…you may not be interested in this one for personal wear, but I bet your wives or girlfriends would love it, so keep reading! I wear a lot of different “hats” in my life. I’m a wife and Mom…soccer Mom, hockey Mom, ballet Mom; Girl Guide leader; Social Worker/Support Worker; and a Business Owner. I own a business that requires me to travel to conferences and seminars where I want to look professional and also be comfortable. When I read about the Cleavitz, I was impressed. What an awesome idea for professional women! For those who don’t know, here is what the Cleavitz website says about the Cleavitz… Cleavitz is an ultra-comfortable, fashionable half top that is worn over a bra and underneath low-cut shirts, dresses and business suits to dress up any outfit while providing comfort, coverage and style.Its unique blend of fabric and design allows women to “manage” their cleavage – adjusting the Cleavitz up or down to the desired amount of coverage while staying in place. I knew I had to have one, and I chose the Everyday Black because I felt it would go with most things and be the most practical. I am a small chested woman (and proud of it!) so I was concerned that the cleavitz would “flatten me out” like many sports bras do, but that was not the case at...

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