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Random Acts of Kindness

This morning, while I was driving home from work, I stopped at a gas station on the highway. A woman pulled in after me, and the attendant took care of her first. We were both finished getting our gas at the same time and we headed into the building to pay. He asked who wanted to go first, and I motioned for her to go ahead. After making a little small talk about her probably having to get to work, I stepped back and wasn’t really paying attention to what the woman and the attendant were saying to each other…until she said she paid for my gas! I was so confused, and thought she made a mistake. I offered to find a bank machine to pay her back, and she laughed and said “No, I’m paying for your gas.” I almost missed thanking her because she left so quickly, but I raced out after her and said thank you as she jumped in her truck and left. A complete stranger paid for my gas this morning. This is a long shot, but if you are that amazing person who paid for my gas this morning…you really made my day. Thanks so...

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Kel sucks his fingers. It started when he was a baby (he adamantly refused a pacifier), and has never stopped. For awhile, we thought it was cute, and it even brought us some laughs. He always sucks the same fingers…the first two fingers on his right hand. My niece, who is 6 years older than Kel, also sucked her fingers for many years, but she sucked the middle and ring finger on her left hand.  When Kel was still a toddler, my niece asked me, in her most haughty tone “Why does he suck his fingers?”, to which I replied “You suck your fingers!” She practically rolled her eyes, and said “Not those fingers!” Now that Kel is in grade two and he will be eight in the not so distant future, he really wants to stop sucking his fingers. Aside from reminding him to stop every time I see them in his mouth, I have no real valuable advice for him. I am a nailbiter, and I have been for over 37 years…so I am really no help on the subject. He won’t agree to any foul tasting substances being put on his fingers; he objected to bandaids; and I don’t think he could wear mittens all of the time…so I need some new ideas. And hey…if you have any ‘stop biting your nails’ advice, I’ll take that...

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Despicable Me

We decided we are brave and took the three little kids to the movies to see Despicable Me. Going to the movies with three kids who are 2, 6 and 7 can be a real event…especially with the two year old. We took Grumps to How to Train Your Dragon and it didn’t go well. He yelled about the lights being out, climbed from seat to seat, touched the heads of the people in front of us, escaped the row and attempted to leave…and we eventually took turns being outside of the theatre with him. Toy Story 3 went very well though, so we braved it again. We took up an entire side row and wisely sat  with Grumps to the far inside, followed by Daddy, Kel, Mommy and Ave. Eric was at the drive in with friends and my niece went to her parents’ for the weekend. Everyone settled in and the movie started quickly so we avoided boredom behaviours. Despicable Me is about a villian who devises an evil plan to steal the moon, and recruits three orphans to unwittingly help him with his master plan. The movie was hillarious! Even Grumps was laughing and saying “Funny!”. This is one I will definitely be adding to our movie library…and I might even have to see it again before then.  I give it a 5 out of 5!!!! It...

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Terrible Twos…

Since 1995, when my oldest son was 3 years old, I have maintained that three is actually the trying, testing, tantrum throwing age, not two like so many have claimed. Child #2 came along and confirmed my beliefs. Child #3 did not, but she was okay for two and three, and she was my only girl so I believed that this was yet another difference between boys and girls…girls just don’t throw tantrums! She is 6 now, and has made it her life mission to teach me how wrong I was on that point, but I digress… Grumps is 2. He will be 3 at the end of November, but that is far enough away to say he is defintely still 2, and has recently started being terrible your stereotypical two year old. He hits, kicks, screams, throws toys, answers “NO” to almost anything we say to him, and tests my limits on an hourly basis. I have been through this enough times to know that “this too will pass” and we will look back at it as a vague memory, but right now it is very real and very frustrating. Tonight I put him to bed in a very wet diaper and the tshirt he had been wearing all day, because while trying to get him into his pajamas, he was kicking, flailing, rolling and fighting me every step of...

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