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dB Logic Earphones – Review

Earphones and I have always had a problem. I like the small type of earphone that you just put in your ear, but I have small ears and they never fit…resulting in sore ears and/or the earphones always falling out of my ears. This isn’t very helpful when running on the treadmill and I REALLY need music to keep me going! My son bought himself a brand new iPhone 4, and being the nice kid that he is, he gave me his old iPod Touch (he gave Dad the last iPod he had, so it was my turn). I like the iPod Touch, but the only headphones we had in the house were really big ones that don’t work well when you’re sweating a lot…so I went in search of earphones. I bought a cheap pair that fit my ears, but the sound was crackling and distorted, so I still didn’t use the iPod. When I heard about the dB Logic ear/headphones, I knew we had to have some. I thought they would be great for my little ears, since they are designed for Teens and Adults, and I was intrigued with the idea of Healthy Listening Technology. These earphones and headphones are supposed to give a great sound, while not reaching volume levels that can damage your hearing. They offer low distortion and sound pressure level limits without requiring...

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The Way Home DVD Review

I chose this DVD from Book Sneeze because I love movies that are based on true stories, and it sounded like one I would enjoy. The story is about a family that is going through a stressful time, with the mother feeling alone and the father (Dean Cain) working all of the time. The dad is left to watch the kids one day and gets distracted by work, only to have his two year old son disappear. The community rallies to find the missing boy, and the parents reconnect with their Faith in God and with each other. The movie was interesting enough to keep me off of the internet while I watched, which is no small feat. Since I am the parent of a two year old, it hit a little too close to home and I wondered if I could actually watch it, but I stuck it out. My husband and my six year old daughter also watched the movie, and we all agreed that it better have a happy ending! There were some great lessons in the movie; about putting your family and God first and not getting so wrapped up in your work that you forget what is really important. The community support was heartwarming, and after the movie I went online and searched to see if they truly had so much help in searching...

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I’m so proud

Tonight I had the awesome experience of attending my son’s high school graduation. I had this child when I was 19 years old and single. I raised him by myself for the first ten years of his life, and I think I did a damn good job of it! He’s a great kid. And now he’s a high school graduate 🙂 I am so proud of him. I am so proud of him. I am so proud of him. I can’t say it enough! I love you Eric!...

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I was away at a convention for several days, and I’m just settling into the home routine again. I missed home and the kids a lot, but it’s a lot quieter at a convention than in my house. How is that possible? I had a great time and it was excellent for business, but our arrival was eventful and not what I expected. I learned not to try and go cheap on hotels! Here is my unsolicited review about a nightmare of a hotel we nearly stayed in… We booked this months in advance, and called a few days ahead to say we would be arriving in the middle of the night. We were assured this was no problem. We finally arrived at the hotel at  1am, after a 15 hour drive, to find the guy at the desk can’t find our reservation and has to call his manager and get help to sign us in. This takes over half an hour and we’re finally given our room keys. We take a smoke filled elevator upstairs to find that the keys don’t work. Three keys, and not one of them will work. My colleague goes down to tell him the key isn’t working and he runs it through the machine again…it still doesn’t work. I go down and tell him to come upstairs and open the door for us,...

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