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My New Life

I follow this woman’s blog at and she is one of the most inspiring people I have ever come across. This message is beautiful, no matter what your spiritual beliefs are. I watch it whenever I have had a rough day and it always gives me a little...

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Tall Tales

Kel has a vivid imagination. This is great, except that he seems to blur the line between fantasy and reality. It’s usually silly things, like today he said to me… “Mommy, remember the time when we saw some deer on the road and daddy had to stop the van and wait for them to finish eating?” Ummmm….no, I don’t remember that. Maybe because it never happened. He once asked me if I remembered the time I saw that huge car accident and I had to call 911 and talk to the police. Again, I couldn’t recall that. Another time he asked Duck if he remembered the time they were in a parking lot and a car was doing donuts on the ice all around them. That one slipped our minds too. Those are all innocent enough, although if you tell him that these things never happened, he insists that we are wrong and have simply forgotten these incredible moments. I don’t worry about his ability to conjure up horrific car accidents and tornadoes. He comes by it quite naturally. I am fascinated by natural disasters and admit to being one of the rubber necks at accident scenes, and I have a pretty good imagination…although I think I can distinguish between what I imagine and what is real (I hope!). The problem with Kel’s imagination is that I don’t know what...

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My little Grumps starts day care tomorrow. He will go two days a week, and Kel and Ave go to grades 2 and 1 respectively starting next Tuesday. This means that twice a week, there will be no children in the house! The only downside is that I will be at work and won’t get to enjoy the quiet, empty house. I see sick days in my future. I just learned that this year our school will be completely nut free. I have no problem with this, and if my child had a nut allergy I would expect everyone to deal with it, but I’m having trouble coming up with lunch ideas. I have the pickiest kids in the world. Last year they ate peanut butter bagels every day. They don’t like sandwiches.They don’t like vegetables.They don’t like yogurt in their lunches (it is, however, fine at home).They don’t want anything hot.They are not allowed anything in packaging.They do approve of lunchables, and very graciously suggested I just buy them, open them and put the contents into other containers…but cost, health and a mean streak prevent me from doing this for them. So I’m at a complete loss as to what to feed them. I could just fill the lunch bags with cereal, but I’m not sure the teachers would approve. Cheese and crackers are my own big brainstorm, but there has...

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Sick Mommy, Sick Daddy, Sick Kids

Meet Sick Mommy… Red nose.Deep, hoarse voice.Watery eyes.Tired from working all night.Getting work done on the computer while there are a few quiet minutes.Thinking about what to make for lunch.Making sure the kids get their medicine.Remembering Grumps has a pediatrician appointment today, better get ready to take him. Meet Sick Daddy… No visual signs of illness.Occasional sneeze detected.Sleeping on the couch.Stayed home from work.Sighing frequently, because the kids keep calling him because it’s a novelty for him to be home.Wondering what we are having for lunch.Making sure he takes his medicine.Hoping Mommy will go to the post office after taking Grumps to the doctor. Meet Sick Kids… Whiny.Grumpy.Gross…or at least what is coming out of their noses is gross.After meds kick in….loud, crazy, demanding. I want to be sick daddy. Where can I sign...

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