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The Raw Food Diet & Healthy Living

I want to be healthier. I really do. I just wish being healthier included chips and dip, lots of chocolate, 8 cups of coffee a day and the occasional beer. I heard about this raw food diet and thought it sounded like something I could try. I’ve been vegetarian….for six months when I was an idealistic twenty-something year old….I like fruit and veggies, so why not give it a try? It lasted through breakfast, and then I fell off the wagon. So I changed course. Instead of a raw food diet, I will have healthy fruit and veggie smoothies for breakfast every day and sometimes for lunch. This actually lasted a few weeks. I even bought myself a new NINJA, which I LOVE. The real downfall with the smoothies is the availability of ingredients. You go through fruit and veggies really fast when you blend them up twice a day, and my budget wasn’t supporting it. I was a little discouraged with the lack of weight loss results too, and I fell off the wagon again. I’m going to the gym three times a week now, but my eating habits are not great. Unless eating a whole bag of bridge mixture as a bedtime snack is okay…then they’re awesome! So I’m in search of some healthy, kid friendly, low fat, low calorie, low cost recipes…oh, and low maintenance because...

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A red door, no more…Behr Paint

Here is my red door. Excuse the shadow. As you can possibly see, I painted the trim the other day and managed to drip white paint all over the door, but I wasn’t worried since I knew I would be painting it anyway. My door has been red for 6 years, and it is ready for a change. It told me. Really. So, DH and I headed off to Home Depot to find the perfect colour and some paint. I decided (isn’t it always up to the woman?) that I wanted a blue colour that I had seen on a paint can, so armed with my colour choice I headed to the counter to ask what kind of paint I need for an exterior door. The store clerk recommended this Behr Paint… It is called Behr Premium Plus Paint and Primer. I told him that we had a red door, and I was concerned about covering it with this one little can, but he assured me that just two coats of paint would cover the red. Doubtful, but not wanting to spend the money on a larger can of paint, I took the little can and left. Before painting, I grabbed my hand sander and gave the door a quick sanding just to rough it up a bit. I also did this because it makes me feel like the alpha woman...

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While Grumps was cuddled up to me in bed this morning, he and Daddy had this conversation… Daddy: Can I have a hug Grumps? Grumps: No Daddy: Please Grumps, can Daddy have a hug? Grumps: No Daddy: That makes me sad. *sniff, sniff* (insert pretend crying here) Grumps: Daddy…here [is a] towel. He’s not just heartless with Daddy though. Here is a recent conversation between Mommy and Grumps. Mommy: I love you Grumps. Grumps: I love….Daddy. Nice,...

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What were you doing?

I’m sure we will read thousands of posts like this today, but on September 11th, I can’t really think of anything else. So here is what I was doing on September, 11, 2001. Please take a moment to comment and tell me what you were doing. I ran an agency that provided services to help seniors remain independent in their homes, and my office was located within a senior’s recreation centre. I started work at 9am and had been there a short time when one of our volunteers came in and said two planes had crashed into the World Trade Center. He was kind of a naive man who didn’t always get his facts right, so I immediately thought he must be mistaken…I mean, how could TWO planes crash into the World Trade Center?! I went to my office and looked online just as the plane crashed into the Pentagon. I quickly realized that this wasn’t going to be an ordinary day. After showing my coworkers what I had found, I headed to a local long term care facility to run a fitness program. Not surprisingly, none of my participants showed up. I watched the news in their lobby for a few minutes and then returned to the centre. We decided to close up shop and head to my house (it was closest) to watch the news. My husband...

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