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I heard on the radio this morning that a new study has found facebook has a higher than average number of narcissistic people, and people with low self esteem. They went on to say that many of these people are using facebook for self promotion…no kidding?! I was curious about this study, so I did a search and found this article. In this article, I found the flaw in their study… The research studied the online habits and personalities of 100 Facebook users between the ages of 18 and 25. Seriously? Only 100 users? That would cover what….0.00002% of the users on facebook? And isn’t narcissism part of being in your teens and early twenties? And I was so looking forward to discussing my narcissism…....

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First Day of School

My house is quiet. There are no dinky cars and toy story soldiers all over the floor. The back door hasn’t been left wide open. This can only mean one thing…school started today 🙂 It was a crazy morning. I realized too late last night that we were down to 2 diapers and no wipes, so I had to run to the grocery store as soon as it opened this morning. This required me having all of the kids dressed, groomed, fed, packed and in the van by 8am. This may be doable for many of you, but I am NOT a morning person so I consider it a feat comparable to climbing Mount Everest. Having accomplished this amazing feat, I drove to the grocery store, left the little kids in the van with their 18 year old brother and quickly grabbed what I needed. In a big city you can probably do these things quickly, but in a small town you can’t go anywhere without running into someone, and today it was an old friend and neighbour who works at the grocery store. She had just driven son #2 off to college and had to share the experience with me. I am keen to listen as this is something not too far off in my future…and I feel her sadness, but I’m also running late… Back to the...

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Product Review – President’s Choice Ice Cream Shop Flavours

Early this summer, my family and I were doing our grocery shopping at our local Independent Grocer, when we discovered a new kind of ice cream in the freezer…President’s Choice Ice Cream Shop Flavours. They caught our eyes not only because they were on sale, but because the packages were colourful and fun and they had some of our favourite ice cream parlour flavours. Here are some of the flavours that we tried…  My seven year old loves root beer, but only gets to have it as a special treat, so I thought this ice cream was the perfect choice for him. He was excited to try it, so I allowed a mid-afternoon ice cream snack (who am I kidding, I couldn’t wait to have some). Kel was excited to find “little frozen bits of root beer” in his ice cream, and I was reminded of special visits to Mother’s Pizza as a kid, where we always ordered root beer floats. In an effort to keep the sibling fights to a minimum, during that same shopping trip I bought some Rainbow ice cream for my 6 year old daughter. This is always her flavour of choice when we go to the ice cream shop, and this President’s Choice version was no disappointment. She said it tastes exactly the same. I have to take her word for it because I...

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Taking it off…

So summer is coming to an end, and my plan to lose 20 lbs by the end of the summer has turned out to be a plan to gain 10 lbs. Somehow I managed to go to the gym 2-3 times a week, swim weekly and still gain 10 lbs! It’s really no mystery how it happened…I love to eat junk. I love pizza and chocolate and ice cream….I found awesome ice cream this summer…I think I will write a review about it so everyone else can indulge themselves into an extra ten pounds…but back to the issue at hand… So the weather suddenly got cool, and I realized I have no pants that fit. Winter could get pretty cold if I’m wearing capri pants every day, so I either need to go shopping or lose weight. Since money is tight right now, I’m going for the weight loss. I did ok yesterday…I had a strawberry cucumber smoothie for breakfast. It was awesome. I love smoothies, so I’m not sure why I don’t make them every day. Laziness I guess. I burned a mushroom/salsa omelette for lunch, and we had tacos for supper. I had my tacos in the form of a salad, sans shells. Then the kids went to bed and Big Brother came on tv, and I wanted to munch…so I had a few roasted peanuts, then...

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