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griffinandmomI am Sheri McDonald, the founder of Kidsumers. I am a Canadian Lifestyle Blogger, a Family Travel Blogger, a Brand Ambassador, a Social Media Influencer, a Spokesperson and an amateur photographer. I have been blogging at Kidsumers since August 2010. I also blog at FamilyEnroute.com and my work can be seen on various websites listed here: http://kidsumers.ca/also-seen-on

You can learn more about me personally by visiting Being Sheri.

Kidsumers (a play on the word ‘consumers’) is a mom and lifestyle blog that focuses on family, parenting, food and family travel. I write about products and experiences that will be interesting and relevant to my readers.

I engage with my readers on my blog also through my various social media accounts. I have been a highly engaged twitter party moderator on over 100 twitter parties for a variety of brands and travel companies. My Pinterest account is primarily dedicated to food and travel, and the focus of my Instagram account is travel. My Facebook fan page is a catch all where I share my posts, chat with my fans and share interesting finds.


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  • 49% Canada; 37% United States
  • Top Provinces/States: Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Texas
  • Top Cities: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, New York City



Each year I partner with brands and destinations that meet my standards for what I would like to share with my readers. Some of my past brand relationships are showcased below.

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As a family travel blogger, I have had the privilege of working with many incredible travel brands. The entire family is equipped with passports and ready to travel with very little notice. In order to offer genuine family coverage, I prefer to travel with at least one of my children, but I’m open to considering other travel coverage. I have a special interest in eco travel.

Contact me at sam@kidsumers.ca for more information and to discuss partnership opportunities.

January 2016

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