Making Guests Feel at Home #testdrivemoms


We don’t have a huge home. It’s not tiny, but it is not ideal for large gatherings or parties. For that reason, we generally have those at my Inlaws’ house and save our home for the more intimate gatherings. I really don’t mind because I enjoy smaller groups of people. It’s nice to be able […]

Win a Bissell Symphony™ All in One Vacuum & Steam Mop ARV $229


I’m not a fan of cleaning. Shocking, right? A mother who doesn’t like to clean? Please, we’re not all June Cleaver and I have no desire to be. What I do love is a cleaning tool that makes it quick and easy for me to clean. I have found that in the BISSELL Symphony All […]

Fighting Messes With Lysol #LysolNoTouch

lysol 2

If there’s one thing that my family knows about, it’s messes. I would say it’s just the kids, but that wouldn’t be the truth. Sure, they like to dig in the dirt, muck in bubbles, catch bugs and pick dandelions….but who doesn’t? I routinely dig in the dirt under the guise of a vegetable garden. […]

Fling Out the Old, Bring In the New #Plusabilities #PGMom


Introducing the NEW Tide Plus Collection When I attended the Science of Sleep event I had the chance to learn about the NEW Tide Plus Collection. The Tide Plus collection features these Tide products: Tide Plus Febreze Sport – the #1 sports detergent that is specially designed for sports apparel now offers a deeper clean […]

My Smudge-Proof Kitchen Test #testdrivemoms


When my husband and I bought this house ten years ago, we decided on stainless steel appliances. We liked how they looked, we wanted them all to match, and we found some great bargains. At the time we had a tween, a toddler and a new baby but for some reason I wasn’t thinking about […]

Arm & Hammer™ has your back for spring cleaning this year


Spring is finally here!  It’s been a long winter and as we move into spring it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with tasks to get our families and our homes ready for the warmer weather.  The makers of Arm & Hammer™  would like to help make the whole process easier on you with these tips for […]

Tide & Downy turned me into a Clothing Doctor #PGMom


I wash my clothing in cold water because I feel like it is the environmentally responsible thing to do, and the fact that it reduces my heating bills is a great bonus! I’m not willing to sacrifice my clothing though, so I have been using Tide since I made the cold water switch several years […]

Let’s Tuck In & Turn Off #TuckInTurnOff #PGMom

serenity sleep

In today’s 24/7 world, people are often going right up until they have to get to bed, leaving them unable to turn off their minds so they can relax and fall asleep. In fact, according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), 41 percent of Americans report having problems with tossing and turning at least a […]

Win a Fellowes Shredder ARV $189.99 {Canada}

fellowes shredder

I have a bad habit. Okay, I have more than one bad habit, but this one is presenting an immediate problem for me. Since I run my own business, I need to keep all of my invoices and receipts to use at tax time. Instead of sorting through each invoice, receipts and bills as they […]