Give your children the best start in life


When I had my first child, I breastfed him because everyone said that it was better for him and I wanted to make sure I was giving him the best start possible. I learned something from that experience … breastfeeding is hard. I stuck it out for seven months and then switched him over to […]

A parenting overhaul… the traffic light method.


I was a single Mom to one child for over ten years. He was well behaved, respectful and I thought it was due to my exceptional parenting. *insert hysterical laughing here* Now that I am married and the mom to not one, but four children…three who are under 9, I realize I was wrong. Not […]

Would you like some whipped cream with that?

whip cream

When Kellen started taking medication for his ADHD, we watched his appetite slowly fade away. It started with not wanting snacks as much, then progressed to the point where we had to practically force him to the table. I don’t believe in making the dinner table a battle field and have never forced my children […]

I found the secret…

boy playing roblox

After trying for weeks to teach him to swallow a pill last year, and then spending a half hour every morning attempting to teach him this week, I finally found the secret to teaching my son to swallow pills. Here is what we tried: practicing with candy, ice, vitamins, chocolate chips and the medication swallowing […]

ADHD: When does it matter?


Being the parent of a child with ADHD can be difficult for a lot of reasons: dealing with challenging behaviours, making decisions about medication, dealing with judgmental people, watching your child struggle socially, just to name a few. I firmly believe that we can not use ADHD as an excuse for inappropriate behaviour, but at […]

Thinking in Pictures

Labeled Autistic

Last night I had the incredible privilege of attending a lecture by Temple Grandin. Temple Grandin is an amazing American woman who has autism. She is a successful scientist and advocate for animal rights, and she is an author who was written multiple books on animal welfare and autism and aspergers. She wrote “Thinking in […]

How do you know if your child has ADHD?

What are the symptoms of ADHD? I wish there was a clear answer, or a quick blood test, that could give a definitive answer. For us, there were several things that lead to the diagnosis of our son. It wasn’t because he was a high energy toddler. All of my children were/are high energy toddlers, and […]

Mornings with a child with ADHD

Mornings with a child with ADHD…. Get up, start playing.Be told to come eat.Be told to come eat.Be told to come eat.Go downstairs to have breakfast.Fight with sister about which bowl to use.Fight about which chair to sit in.Have breakfast.Have more breakfast.Play some more.Be told to get dressed.Take toys from brother.Be told to get dressed.Ask […]