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ADHD: When does it matter?

Being the parent of a child with ADHD can be difficult for a lot of reasons: dealing with challenging behaviours, making decisions about medication, dealing with judgmental people, watching your child struggle socially, just to...

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Treating ADHD in children

The other day, I explained the symptoms of ADHD and how we came to that diagnosis for my son. The diagnosis is just the beginning. The next important step is understanding ADHD, so that you can help your child do his/her best at...

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Mornings with a child with ADHD

Mornings with a child with ADHD…. Get up, start playing.Be told to come eat.Be told to come eat.Be told to come eat.Go downstairs to have breakfast.Fight with sister about which bowl to use.Fight about which chair to sit...

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Teen Boys with ADHD are road risks?

I think all parents worry about their child’s future and safety. When you have a child with ADHD, these worries are twofold. There is a stigma attached to ADHD, and I constantly worry that allowing the diagnosis to be made...

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