30 Days of Photos #MonthOfMom #PGMom


Throughout the month of May, I will be sharing a photo every day. I know, I attempted to do the photo a day challenge for the whole year and didn’t even make it through a month…but this time, I have guidance! The P&G Moms have all been given a list of words to guide us […]

Share your OVER moments to win! #MillionMoments

over moment

In the past twenty years, I’ve had a lot of “over” moments. I’ve been overjoyed with each new addition to our family, and a little overwhelmed too! I’ve watched the kids get over tired and over indulged (isn’t that what Grandparents are for?). I have helped them try things over and over again until they […]

Shopping with Kids: Not for the weak #FisherPriceMoms


The weather gets warm and the kids are ready to play outside! I love to encourage outside play, so I try to keep them stocked in fun and interesting toys and outdoor equipment. We have bikes, trikes, scooters, ride on/in cars, a swing set, a trampoline, sidewalk chalk, skipping ropes, ladderball, bocce ball and so […]

A parenting overhaul… the traffic light method.


I was a single Mom to one child for over ten years. He was well behaved, respectful and I thought it was due to my exceptional parenting. *insert hysterical laughing here* Now that I am married and the mom to not one, but four children…three who are under 9, I realize I was wrong. Not […]

My name is Mom, and I’m a bad cooker.

Camera 360

I have been a parent for more than 19 years. I have endured sleepless nights, countless diaper changes, birthday parties, hurt feelings, school assignments and broken hearts. Somehow, I managed to parent three children without dealing with a child who tells me they “hate me”, at least not on a regular basis…but number 4 has […]