Choosing Health Over Convenience #StreamTeam

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I grew up in a house where my Mom made things from scratch. She didn’t buy a lot of prepackaged food and she has always grown her own vegetables and canned or froze what she grew. We didn’t eat low fat anything and eating a restaurant of any kind was rare. We even bought milk […]

How Clairol Keeps My Secrets For Me #PGMom

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I have a secret. Well, it’s not exactly a secret to anyone that actually knows me in real life, but it’s a secret I keep from the online world. It’s a secret that leads me to take a lot of photos like this… Have you figured out my secret yet? It’s a secret that goes […]

Reader Thoughts on Skintimate Mandarin Burst Shave Gel


Last month I shared my thoughts on Skintimate Mandarin Burst Shave Gel, and I invited my readers to try it for themselves. These eight readers tested the shave gel and sent in their thoughts for a chance to win a $100 Visa Card. Using I selected Brenda as the winner! Congratulations Brenda! Here are […]

Try Skintimate Shave Gel for a Chance to Win $100 GC {Canada}


Skintimate® Signature Scents® is back with a new flavour to add to its already exciting shave gel lineup. Featuring the refreshing citrusy fragrance of mandarin oranges, lemons and limes, Skintimate® Mandarin Burst Moisturizing Shave Gel provides a combination of aromatic scent and moisturizing properties perfect for warming and smoothing that rough ‘winter skin’. Containing six […]

Werther’s is my sweet treat with no guilt attached

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Working from home has had a lot of great benefits but it has not been good for my waistline. It’s too easy to grab snacks through the day, and I find I don’t get nearly enough physical activity since I started working from home. I can’t just let things continue this way, so I’m making […]

15 Ways to Ensure a Good Night’s Sleep #PGSleep #PGMom

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Sleep does not come easily to everyone, and for many of us (parents especially) it is a rare occurrence to enjoy a full night of sleep. I have always been a bit of an insomniac so I was grateful to be able to attend the P&G Science of Sleep event and learn some techniques to […]