Brightening Dreary Days with a Kinder Surprise #KinderMom

kinder bumblebee periwinkle

Boredom runs rampant in my home when the weather isn’t nice. The kids fight over the computer and about what they can watch on television. They move from toy to toy and complain about there being nothing to do. I try to engage them in a board game or a movie, but eventually I just […]

Shaking Up Our Daily Routine #KinderMom

kinder fairy

Now that the whole family is settling into school and fall, things are getting a little routine around here. Don’t get me wrong, routine is good, but it can also be a little boring at times. I like to shake things up with a little surprise for the kids now and then, and KINDER SURPRISES […]

Win $50 in Hot Wheels Products {Canada} #HWTrackBuilder


I am excited to announce that I am part of the Hot Wheels Connector Club. The Hot Wheels® Connector Club is made up of 30 parents across the country who are passionate about parenting, family and education and there’s only one person more thrilled to be part of that club… Griffin has loved cars since […]

Ride in style with the smarTrike Touch Steering Boutique

smarTrike Boutique

I am so excited to be able to give my son an awesome Christmas gift this year that we can both use! The smarTrike® Touch Steering Boutique is an awesome versatile tricycle system that grows with your little one from the age of about 10 months until he learns to balance and ride a two wheeled […]

Magna Color encourages creativity

magna color

Avery has an artistic streak, and I love that about her. She enjoys colouring, painting, designing… anything that gets those creative juices flowing is right for her. She has a great sense of colour and design too, and I believe in helping children build on their strengths, so I try to provide her with the […]

The Bratz My Passion Dolls are perfect for Christmas


My daughter loves dolls, particularly fashion dolls, but that is not all that she loves. She enjoys soccer and running and video games too. Being a girl doesn’t mean she only enjoys pretty and frilly things (or even that girls like those things at all!), and I love that Bratz is recognizing that girls have […]

Encourage Creativity And Sharing With Lego


Sometimes it’s the simplest things which have the lasting appeal. Play sets consisting of colourful interlocking bricks may not sound like the recipe for one of the most successful children’s toys ever made , but Lego has truly stood the test of time. First launched in 1949, the bricks continue to entertain children around the […]