Overnight French Toast Casserole with Villaggio Bread

villaggio french toast 2

I have mentioned more than once how much I love breakfast. It is not only the most important meal of the day, but also the most enjoyable in my opinion. There are so many delicious breakfast menu items out there, and the ones that I like to make the most are the ones that I […]

Ham & Cheese Zucchini Boats #DinnerIn15

stuffed squash 4

Last month I created Ham and Cheese Quiche Cups using a Maple Leaf Foods Country Kitchen Honey & Maple Flavour Smoked Ham. I had a huge ham to work with, so I created a second recipe that day, Ham & Cheese Zucchini Boats. All of the vegetables in these zucchini boats were grown in my […]

Ham & Cheese Quiche Cups for Dinner #DinnerIn15

quiche cups square

My challenge for today was to create a dinner in 15 minutes. I chose a Maple Leaf Foods Country Kitchen Honey & Maple Flavour Smoked Ham, and I put my thinking cap on. Ham is such an easy meal on its own. I always keep a ham in the freezer for days when I don’t […]

Dempster’s Tortillas and Falafel Make a Great Lunch


Making healthy lunches that don’t bore the kids is a challenge in the summer months. You can only serve so many peanut butter sandwiches! My boys are a little finicky so I can’t be as creative with them, but my daughter is always open to trying new things. I have always loved Falafel and Avery […]

Chill Out with a Strawberry Lemonade #HBSocialKitchen

strawberry lemonade

What is better on a hot day than a cold glass of lemonade? I can tell you, it’s a cold glass of lemonade made fresh with real lemons! Lemonade, orange juice, apple juice… it’s all better when made fresh and that’s exactly what we are doing to stay cool this summer. I’ve owned a juicer […]

Reinventing Ice Cream Truck Classics with Smucker’s

Style: "A2 210A"

Where I grew up, we had ice cream bicycles. Eager teens would ride their ice cream bikes around town, with the ice cream cooler attached to the front of the bike, and a tiny bell announcing that they were in the area. I always wished that bell was a little louder so we would have […]

Picnic Recipe: Vegetable Egg Salad Sandwich #DIYSandwich

egg salad chips

Summertime is my favourite time of year. Evening walks, camp fires, fresh grown vegetables and picnics in the park are some of the things that make summer so special. One thing I don’t love about summer is cooking with the oven. There’s no need to heat up the house and sweat over a hot stove […]

Dinner Recipe: Turkey Club Deluxe #DIYSandwich

cut sandwich 2

When you are offered a sandwich, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a lettuce and tomato on toast sandwich or do you come up with more hearty ideas? I for one am tired of the boring and predictable sandwiches! A sandwich doesn’t have to […]

Breakfast Recipe: Spinach Omelette

cooking omelette

My favourite meal of the day is breakfast. I could have breakfast foods for every meal and be a very happy woman, but that doesn’t mean I’m munching away on sugary cereal every day. Most mornings I treat myself to a fruit and vegetable smoothie that gives me the energy boost I need to start […]