Kidsumers is a Canadian mom blog that focuses on parenting, family, food and travel. Family friendly product reviews are shared on Kidsumers if certain criteria is met.


  • I do not review sample sizes, previously used items or loaner items.
  • Review items must be a minimum value of $100, with some exceptions.
  • Reviews will be posted on my blog within 4 weeks of me receiving the product. The link will be sent to you when the review is posted. If you have a tight deadline, tell me in advance and I will see if I can accommodate it.
  • As indicated already, I do not do loaners, so your product will not be returned to you.
  • If we agree to a product review, and I am sent a different product than agreed to, I reserve the right to not review the product. If I choose to write the review, it may reflect the difference in product from what was requested.
  • Products sent to me without my consent may or may not be reviewed.
  • If I am unable to write a positive review of your product, I will offer to share the feedback with the brand privately rather than publishing it on Kidsumers. I will not adjust my opinion or leave out the negative opinions from an article.


  • Giveaways run without a product review have an administration fee that must be paid prior to running the giveaway.
  • I do not ship giveaway prizes. If you send me the giveaway prize, I will choose whether to donate it or keep it.
  • You can request twitter follows as additional entries for your giveaway.


  • I am willing to drive up to 6 hours for a minimum of a two night stay; or 3 hours for a 1 night stay.
  • I prefer travel reviews that are for families or couples. I will do individual travel reviews in some circumstances.
  • I belong to a group of elite Canadian lifestyle bloggers who host monthly travel twitter chats. Contact me for more information.


  • Please contact me for my blog stats and my rates.
  • Advertising is non-refundable. I provide honest stats with screenshots. I make no guarantees on return.
  • I have a site-wide disclosure statement.

To make a PR Request, email me at